ShadowRest™ Arm Supports
The ShadowRest™ line of chair arm supports leads the industry in quality and performance and has been highlighted in numerous publications including PC World Magazine which exclaimed “It’s a spectacular design…and incredible solution”. And named a “Readers Choice Top 20 Product” in Ergonomic News Magazine”.

The Patented linear design of The ShadowRest™ LS and QS Models is what separates the ShadowRest™ line of chair arm supports from the rest!
Using the highest quality components and precision machining assures that each and every ShadowRest™ LS and QS chair arm support we manufacture performs flawlessly.

Which ShadowRest™ Model is right for you?

The QS “Quick Set” Model uses high tension Wave Springs to allow the arm pad and linear slide to be positioned as required and remain in the position set providing stationary support for your forearms.

The LS “Liquid Smooth” Model uses radial ball bearings to allow for forward, back and side to side movement with virtually ZERO resistance while your forearms remain supported.   

QS, ShadowRest™ Arm Supports
LS, ShadowRest™ Arm Supports

ShadowRest™ QS

ShadowRest™ LS